Start the Day with a Healthy Gourmet Breakfast

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fresh daily breakfast, gourmet breakfast, Ashland, Oregon, downtown Ashland, bed and breakfast, B&B, polenta, vegetarianCheese Grits

Our wonderful Cheese Grits at the Bayberry Inn Bed and Breakfast are creamy and topped with poached eggs, oven roasted cherry tomatoes & grilled Asparagus or whatever grilleable veggies is in season. This is a favorite vegetarian breakfast and so delicious too. Sometimes we will top it off with a home-made chili oil for a slight kick, but it really doesn’t need it. Our favorite cheeses to use are Asiago & Parmesan because they’re strong enough to hold up to the Grits and give the blast of flavour we want.

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Huevos Rancheros

We love serving our own version of Huevos Rancheros at the Bayberry Inn Bed and Breakfast. Not for the faint at heart, we make home-made corn tortillas fresh off the grill, top them with fried eggs and top if off with freshly made pico de gallo & avocado. Served with a hearty serving of country friend potatoes or beans makes it the perfect hearty yet healthy breakfast. We let you add the hot sauces! Did we mention our huge hot sauce collection?

Croissant French ToastCroissnt French Toast

Not for the faint of heart. Using delicious croissants to make this French toast, you can’t get a more decadent breakfast. We serve this with locally grown fresh fruit. We’ve been known to fill the french toast with fresh local apples or peaches. There’s always a side of bacon or sausage!

freshly baked, daily gourmet breakfast, ashland, Oregon, Bed and Breakfast, downtown Ashland, baked apple rose

Baked Apple Ross

Start off your morning with a freshly baked Apple Rose lightly topped with powdered sugar and served hot out of the oven to go perfectly with your home-blend artisan coffee or large selection of tea. This is a crowd pleasure for sure. We follow up this starter with a savoury breakfast.

Bayberry Inn Breakfast in Ashland OregonGourmet Breakfasts

Southern Oregon has been described as a ‘Salad Bowl’ because the soil is so rich that anything grows. There are so many wonderful organic farms in and near Ashland. We also have two Farmers Markets, that are called the Ashland Growers Market, right in town. We love visiting the markets to pick up an assortment of delicious & fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our aim at the Bayberry Inn Bed & Breakfast is to serve you a wide range of the freshest locally grown produce & vegetables. Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Choose from a delicious selection of baked goods in the afternoon, while you put your feet up and relax. A hand picked delicious selection of Teas by Two Leaves and a Bud and our very own home-blended artisan Coffee will be available all day. Francesca is hardly ever seen without her cup of tea and so she has put great care into offering a wide selection of only the best teas.

Evening Sherry

Enjoy a glass of Port or Sherry in the evenings in our large living room, reading the newspaper by the fireplace.


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Corn Eggs

A guest favorite at the Bayberry Inn is our Corn Egg Scramble served on a Home-Made Cheddar Cheese & Chive Biscuit. Served with Bacon or Sausage or sometimes savory Roasted Tomatoes.