It’s a blessing to live in such a place of natural beauty such as Ashland, Oregon. There’s not a better time to see it’s splendors than in the spring when all the buds are popping and the grass is that lovely spring green. Although we had a cold winter with lots of snow in town and on the surrounding mountains, spring is in the air.

There’s so much to do in Ashland! Lithia Park is just 5 short blocks away from the Bayberry Inn, and it’s at it’s best in Spring when everything seems to be coming alive. There are tons of hiking trails that can be accessed up the street from the Inn but my favorite is the White Rabbit Trail which is at the top of Park Street where upon entering the trail, you get a fantastic view of the beautiful valleys and mountains. The trail leads to many longer more difficult hikes and you can even reach Mt. Ashland, but doing the short loop to the creek that ends at a beautiful waterfall is an easy 45 minute hike.

Next time you’re in Ashland to see one of the wonderful productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Oregon Cabaret Theater or visit one of the 70 vineyards in Southern Oregon, you might like to visit one of our many natural hot springs or take an hour out to discover our beautiful trails. Happy Spring!

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