We took a ride to see all the wonderful Christmas lights in Medford with All Aboard Trolley Tours. The Trolly, named Molly, is an old restored trolly with lots of charm. They recently installed huge windows in Molly so in the winter, you can take a tour with warmth and in total comfort. When you board Molly, your seat has a fluffy blanket waiting for you and within minutes you’re served hot chocolate. My boys loved the hot cocoa, I loved the fluffy blanket.

We met the Trolly in front of Harry & David’s Country Store at 8:00 p.m. and drove for over an hour through Medford to see all the wonderful Christmas lights. There were some spectacular streets where all the houses were lit up and filled with Christmas decorations. Two of the more famous streets had homes with donation bins outside where they were collecting slightly used toys and canned food. The families sat outside collecting things and wishing you a Merry Christmas. It was delightful and so in line with giving! The City Lights in Medford are spectacular! One of the streets had two police cars managing the traffic onto the street it was so popular.

Santa even came aboard Molly the Trolly! I don’t know if All Aboard Trolley Tours per-arranged the visit, but it was a hoot! Apparently he was a retired music teacher who decorated his house beautifully and dressed up as Santa. He came aboard and played Christmas tunes on his saxophone while we all sang along! That was the highlight of the evening for me. It is definitely something that puts you in the Christmas spirit! All Aboard Trolley Tours has tours throughout the year and I definitely recommend a tour through the vineyards! They take you wine tasting to some of the top wineries in the region and you don’t have to worry about driving! The Bayberry Inn will be organizing joint packages with All Aboard Trolley Tours in the Spring and Summer to offer our guests so look for it on our website.