What makes the city of Ashland so wonderful? If it isn’t beautiful Lithia Park, the compelling Oregon Shakespeare Festival, or even the many hiking trails, one unique characteristic about this town is the captivating festivals it showcases. We at the Bayberry Inn mark our calendars for the annual Ashland Culinary Festival, and the exhilarating competitions and delectable dishes prepared by 12 different Chefs from our local area. This year, the Ashland Culinary Festival will exhibit the first Junior Chef Competition where local junior chefs compete for a chance to intern with the judges. Enjoy educating yourself by attending many of the culinary workshops, wine tastings and food demonstrations. Treat your taste buds with over thirty local food artisans, and experience award winning craft beer. Luckily for us, the Bayberry Inn is only a short walk to the event.

The staff at the Bayberry Inn love attending the event. We receive the greatest insight on how to make our food absolutely beautiful in appearance and delicate in flavor. We recently added a new dish to our breakfast repertoire, Prosciutto and Spinach Strata, which has been a hit with our guests. The key to making this dish rich and moist is not by adding too many different spices, but to “smoke” the few spices we use, which unearths the flavours and leaves a huge impact on taste. To do this, simply place a spice, such as paprika, in a medium pan over low-medium heat. Stir frequently to make sure it does not burn. A warm and fragrant smell will let you know when the spice is ready to use. Thanks to one of the Ashland Culinary Festival demonstrations, we use this tip every chance we get.

Ashland Culinary Festival

This festival is one of a kind, and an experience that can’t be missed. What better to get an understanding of Ashland culture than attending this Culinary Festival, rich with every aspect of what makes Southern Oregon an astonishing place to visit.  The event begins November 4th, and ends on the 6th, so purchase your tickets now! For more information, follow the Ashland Culinary Festival on Facebook, and keep updated on the calendar at the Ashland Chamber of Commerce website.