Ashland Growers Market in Ashland, Oregon is where it’s at! Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful array of locally grown vegetables. The Ashland Tuesday Growers market is my absolute go-to when selecting fruits and veggies for the Bayberry Inn. This once a week market is located within the ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum field. Over 50 vendors present spices, vegetables, fruit, food trucks and homemade goods. This event is the perfect way to get in touch with the talented locals, who strive for excellent quality foods.

From Peaches to Pickles, this variety absolutely amazes me, especially the vast selection of organics. I usually attend the event early, because I end up at each booth almost twice. An item that stood out to me this week were the fresh peaches provided by a local orchard located in Talent, just 3 miles from Ashland. The soft, extremely juicy peaches were heaven on earth, and I felt slightly jealous when serving the roasted peaches to my guests, who were in for a real treat. I topped them off with cardamom cream, using a 100% organic cardamom essential oil!

When I am able to take a break from this enriching shopping experience, I love stopping off at the vendor for Katrina’s for a Green Chili Chicken Tamale`. This enormous tamale exceeds expectations in quantity, but also quality. They lather the dish with a home salsa, to which they decide to keep the recipe a secret. Then to top it off, a fresh sour cream-like sauce that adds a creamy relief to the subtle but effective spice of that delicious salsa.

Organic breakfast at Bayberry Inn from Ashland Growers Market

With the Ashland Tuesday Growers Market, I can acquire almost all of my shopping necessities for the Bayberry Inn, which not only benefits the vendors, but especially benefits the guests who get to share the experience of local creativity. The Rogue Valley Growers Market also has a fun, exciting arts & crafts market on Saturday in downtown Ashland, just a short walk from the Bayberry Inn. I go for the fruits & vegetables, but I stay for the most amazing Tamale’s from Katrina’s!

fresh cherry tomatoes, cherries and berries at the rogue growers market in ashland oregon