The Ashland Railroad District is located just a few blocks from Main Street in downtown Ashland. You can find a lot of unique stores such as the hardware shop, restaurants, art galleries, consignment shops and even a few little handicraft shops. It’s ta beautiful fun place to walk around.

A favorite spot for locals is the Ashland Food Co-op, which is filled with a large variety of organic products. Apart from being an organic grocery store, they also have a large hot and cold lunch buffet and they make one helluva great made-to-order sandwich. You can eat there inside in their small seating area or outside in their courtyard but be prepared to wait for a table as it’s first come first serve and very popular with locals.

For a great burrito or large organic salad walk a few blocks to Ruby’s Neighborhood Restaurant where you can sit inside or out for a casual affordable meal. Next door is Gil’s, which is owned by the same family. Gils offers a large selection of micro brewery beers from all over Oregon and has a limited menu of nachos, pulled pork sandwiches and a few specials. You can take food back and forth between the two restaurants which is fun, but beer has to be contained so ask the bartender for a growler.

Noble Coffee Roasters is in the Railroad District and is a great place to stop off for a hot or cold coffee. They also have free wifi and lots of tables inside not to mention a nice selection of scones and muffins.

One really fun shop to visit, especially if you’re into cycling is Piccadilly Cycles. Here you can find a large variety of great bikes and the ever cool electric bike! They offer free bicycle checks too, how great is that?

electric and town bikes at Piccadilly Bikes in the historic railroad district in Ashland

Piccadilly Bikes

The Historic Railroad District is also where you will find several great art galleries. One unique and interesting place to visit is the Gathering Glass Studio where you can watch gifted artists blow glass.

Glass blowing studio in the Historic Railroad District of Ashland Oregon

Gathering Glass Studio, Ashland

Next stop is Ashland Art Works where you can see everything from pottery, jewelry to oil paintings and more that are all made by local artists. It’s a great place to spend a few hours, the staff are the artists themselves and the large selection of different mediums is impressive.

If you forgot something, like ski goggles, sun glasses or say a canoe, then stop by Get ‘N’ Gear where you can buy it second hand. Or maybe you just enjoy consignment shopping. Get ‘N’ Gear is the place to find most anything for the outdoorsman at affordable prices in Ashland!

second hand consignment shop to buy sporting equipment in downtown ashland oregon

Get ‘N’Gear

The best part of walking around the Railroad District in Ashland is that you get a real feel for how the locals live in Ashland. Walking from Main Street to the Railroad District, which is only about 5 blocks, you will see some lovely homes of all different sizes, some polished and fancy while others are quite small and simple. It’s representative of the town, down to earth but posh at the same time!

Ashland Art Gallery artist painting