Asian Cuisine has conquered Ashland, Oregon! Having lived in Asia for almost 20 years, I developed an addiction to all things Asian, especially the food! What do I miss most from my 12 years in Tokyo? THE FOOD, hands down.

Having a $5  massage on the beach in Bali is up there at the top of my list, but the food is #1! What makes it so good is the use of the freshest ingredients and almost always a raw topping, like a rice bowl topped with fresh bean sprouts and cilantro! It’s the crunch in each bite that feeds my addiction & the perfect combination of sweet & salty that commits me to it. Moving to Ashland, Oregon has been a gastronomical treat! For a small town, it has so many great restaurants that are beyond impressive. Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Classic French, Italian…the list is endless. It even has a fantastic Sandwich shop, Sammich, which has outdone Chicago on it’s Chicago style sandwiches!

One of the best food experiences I’ve had though, was a recent dinner at T.O.T. in Ashland. The Thai Green Curry was to die for! Their choice of locally grass-fed beef and the cut just made it melt in your mouth. They also source all their traditional Asian herbs and produce from an Asian purveyor in Portland, so the food tastes and smells of Thai basil and lemongrass, which is hard to beat. If you’re as crazy about Vietnamese Pho as I am, visit them on Friday’s. They only serve it on Fridays because the broth takes them 3 days to make! Ooo La La for sure! The Bayberry Inn team will be there this Friday and if there’s one thing I learned to be an expert at is a noddle slirper. Soba Noodles for lunch everyday was my classroom!