Recently, I went to eat Japanese food at Kobe and sat at the bar, where their menu is wonderful and priced less than if you sat at a table. The bartender Josh is a great guy and has been there since the restaurant opened 8 years ago. A guest of the Bayberry Inn told me a few weeks ago that she didn’t feel comfortable going to a Japanese restaurant because she didn’t know what to order. I used to feel the same way, before living in Japan. My advice is to sit at the sushi bar and ask the chef what he recommends; you can’t go wrong and will love it. Most Japanese restaurants in America don’t serve the crazy things one would be offered in Japan. I once went to a famous Teppenyaki restaurant in Tokyo (Teppenyaki is really a BBQ restaurant that cooks up the food on a grill right in front of you) and the chef served us Prawns which were alive and barely grilled and were jumping all over the plate; one flew off the plate and back onto the grill! While that’s an experience I’ll never forget, I can’t say I’d want to re-live it anytime soon.

Best Japanese Bar Scene in Ashland

Josh, the bartender at Kobe, is a wealth of knowledge and defines a great bartender; he knows his Sake` well too! He has been to Japan on  Sake` tours several times and knows his stuff. After spending 12 years in Japan, I love my Sake` so listening to Josh took me back. If you want to try Japanese food, but don’t know what to order, go to Kobe, sit at the bar and ask Josh! You won’t go wrong. We ordered Sashimi Salad, Korean Short Ribs & Black Tiger Shrimp Tempura with mixed greens and chili-mayo and enjoyed every dish to the fullest. We even got to watch the San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals in the World Series Baseball while we ate, which made the experience even more fun! The whole vibe at the bar at Kobe is great; we  highly recommend it.