Spring is here and the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom all over Ashland. As you drive into town, you see beautiful tree lines streets with blossoms everywhere, welcoming you. It’s a beautiful time of year!

Having lived in Japan for 12 years, my family fell in love with their Cherry Blossom Festivals. We we all go down to our local park, fighting for a spot under one of their beautiful huge Cherry Blossom trees and there we would celebrate all weekend. The whole country would participate, singing karaoke, picnicking and enjoying the scenes and floating blossoms. It is and will be one of my fondest memories of Japan.

Cherry Blossom Festival Japan

Cherry Blossom Festival Japan

Last year, when I bought my house, I planted two Cherry Blossom trees in the front yard for my two boys, honoring their time in Japan. They were both born in Tokyo. They were so small that they’re a little behind the times and only starting to blossom now. However, the Bayberry Inn has huge beautiful old Cherry Blossom & Plum Blossom trees all around that are in full bloom. It smells divine as well. I often leave the Inn with little blossom floating in my hair.

Cherry Blossoms are popping out all over the Bayberry Inn in Ashland Oregon

Cherry Blossom at the Bayberry Inn

As the blooms start to end their life cycle, it starts to snow blossoms and the magic begins. If you’re planning a trip to Ashland to get a glimpse of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival or the Oregon Cabaret Theatre, this would be a great time to visit. A short stroll from the Bayberry Inn, you can visit downtown Ashland and  Lithia Park where everything is in full bloom but bring your cameras as it’s a sight not to be missed. Happy Spring Everyone.

Cherry blossoms at the Bayberry Inn B&B in Ashland Oregon