Delicious Pastries at the Bayberry Inn!  Chef Jeannette was formerly a pastry chef at Peerless Restaurant in Ashland and is now freelancing, hurrah! Driving by her garage sale a month ago on my way home from work, we met and never looked back! I bought the most delicious hand-made quilt from her that she had made, which has such amazing loving energy that I feel a hug every time I wrap myself up in it. We exchanged cards and promised to keep in touch! Last week, we finally met up and little Mrs. Master Baker showed up with home-made apple butter, delicious Marion-Blackberry & Loganberry Jam as well as the most delectable Rose-Geranium Raspberry Tart! Two cups of tea and half a pie later, it was a mach made in heaven!

We pigged out, jam and confectionery on our faces, we came up with two beautiful menus for our upcoming debut cooking classes! Using organic essential oils, we are creating a menu fit for a princess! If you didn’t know therapeutic-grade essential oils are more than a pretty face, then you’ve got another thing coming. The quality oils I use are edible! Don’t fall off your seats, I did say edible. Not only do they aid health in many ways and are some of the most powerful natural remedies ever, but you can cook with them! Eat a tart while boosting health? OH YEAH!!! Even the Huffington Post is talking about the health benefits of using essential oils! Next time you’re in Ashland and staying with us at the Bayberry Inn, we might just surprise you with this delicious dessert with tea before you head out to another show at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

Pigg’n Out! Oh yes please!

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Cooking with Essential Oils