Farm-to-Table Organic food can be found all over Southern Oregon, but Ashland is where it’s thriving most! We visited a friend’s organic farm today to check on the pigs and pick up a freshly frozen 19 pound turkey! They, unfortunately, didn’t have any eggs as it’s too cold for the chicken to lay daily. When I crack open one of the eggs from Marsha’s Organic farm, there is no denying how healthy and delicious it’s going to taste! The color of her organic, free-range eggs are bright orange, as opposed to store bought eggs, which are pale yellow and lack all flavor. Although I was there to pick up my turkey for Thanksgiving, I checked in on the piglets who have gotten so big and put my order in for one; they will be ready in one month’s time…oh the smell of fresh bacon in the morning. I have never lived in a town with so many farms, where you rarely need to go to the grocery store and you can eat farm-to-table organic food daily! Between the farmers market and all the organic animal farms, you are pretty much covered to eat farm-to-table most of the year! Everywhere you drive in Jackson County, you see signs saying Vote YES on 92, which is a measure whereby GMO (genetically modified…how could that possibly sound good for you?)  food must be labeled as such. Over 60 developed & undeveloped countries are refusing to import GMO seeds and food! It’s such a relief to be living in such a educated community where people stand up for their beliefs and refuse to allow their food source to be polluted. Not only is Ashland & Jackson County beautiful, especially with all the huge Maple Tree’s lining the streets with all their brilliant fall colors, but it’s a great place to live where you can eat farm-to-table organic healthy ‘real’ food!