Fingersmith comes to OSF! I’m so excited to see it.¬† Adapted by Alexa Junge from the book by Sarah Waters, Fingersmith is coming to our little town in 2015.

I happened upon this book, my first of Sarah Waters, at the local Ashland Bookstore when I had to run down there for book emergency! When you run a Bed & Breakfast and you’re guests ask you where the Cliff Notes of Richard III is and you swear it was there last week, but it’s somehow not, you skedaddle as quickly as you can down to buy a new one! Alas, the book store owner at Bloomsbury Books tells you they’re actually out of print, you PANIC! I mean, forgot to put the souffle in the oven and your guests are already seated at the table waiting kind of panic! I must say, happily, that hasn’t happened to us yet, but it’s been known to happen and when you have too many balls in the air, stuff is bound to happen. Thankfully, however, there was one last single copy of the Cliff Notes hidden behind a shelf and I bought it before you could say Eggs Benny!

While there, the very helpful book seller had some special knowledge about OSF producing¬† Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, in the upcoming 2015 season . In great anticipation of the day when I would have time to curl up in front of the lovely fireplace at the Bayberry and read a book, I snatched it up! Last night, unable to sleep, pacing around chanting sleep mantras, I realized I had that shiny new book sitting on the coffee table!!! Well, I am happy to say I was up half the night and have since been curling up every chance I get as I am gripped by Mrs. Waters’ story! I won’t go into details and I suspect many are ahead of me in having read this wonderful book, but it had me at hello!

I, for one, am so excited about seeing this play! Can’t wait until December 1st when the tickets for the Oregon Shakespeare Theater for 2015 are finally available to buy, however, if you are a member, depending on your level of membership, can already be purchased. For tickets & line up go to