Boy did we have fun at Hellgate with Hellgate Jetboat Excursions. Well Josh and I were kindly invited to join a Hellgate Jetboat Excursion trip through the Southern Oregon Hospitality Organization and we had so much fun! We highly recommend this trip for anyone visiting Ashland (or surrounding areas) during the heat of the summer. The trip down the river was super fun, we laughed and laughed and the BBQ lunch at their the awesome OK Corral was also delightful. Our waitress sang show tunes while we waited for our lunch! What a fun outing! Don’t forget to stop off at all the wonderful antique shops in Grants Pass before the trip! My favorite little antique shop ‘Old Town Antique Mall’ is located there and is where I bought my favorite butcher block table.

It was an easy trip from Ashland. We drove for 45 minutes to Grants Pass, passing along the rogue river where the Fun at Hellgate began. The Hellgate Jetboat Excursions headquarters is a large beautiful cabin-like building, filled with goodies to buy. You board the jet boat there and are sent down the river at pulsing speed, laughing the whole time because our river guide was a complete comedian. Not only was he very knowledgeable about the river and pointed out tons of awesome animals and birds that I would never have seen, but he kept us on the edge of our seat the whole time. I was afraid of getting wet for I had worn nice-ish clothes for dinner, but we hardly got splashed. We did, however, splash a ton of young kids who restlessly tried to splash us with their paddles. With a healthy dose of competition and full of humor, our guide would do a U-turn and head back to give those little rascals a good old fashion soak!