We at the Bayberry Inn strive to give you healthy breakfasts. Ok, so I decided to try out my personal favorite breakfast recipe (courtesy of my dear friend Kristine) on a few of our guests at the Bayberry Inn! Well, ok, we had a full house, so there were 14 people, but hey, we like to live on the edge here at the Bayberry Inn! It’s the most delicious and refreshing breakfast and alas, our guests loved it too! A few of them weren’t too keen on poached eggs (runny yokes, not so good…) so we just served them a hard boiled version, which went down smashingly! Since a dear guest asked me to post some recipes, I’ve decided to start with this one! It’s one of our most delicious, but healthy breakfasts.

  • First you create a yummy avocado cream by smashing avocados, adding fresh lemon juice and don’t forget a healthy dash of salt & pepper.
  • Toast a fabulous, preferably hard & crusty, white bread such as a good sour dough.
  • Spread the yummy avocado goodness all over the toast.
  • Poach two eggs.
  • Toss some arugula with olive oil and lemon, lay it on the avocado cream bread and gently lay the poached eggs on top! Sprinkle with paprika and voila!
  • If you are craving some meat or Tofu, add some crispy bacon, Canadian bacon or lightly grilled tofu.
  • Serve with a delicious tomato & basil salad!!!



fresh heirloom tomatoes, farmers market