Cafe’s & restaurants come and go, but some things just never change. Ashland is home to some awesome well known coffee moguls such as Nobel Coffee, but we also have some smaller joints that are favorite local hang-outs.

A Local’s Favorite

MIX Is one of the hippest coffee shops in downtown Ashland and a locals favorite. It’s not a secret but it took me over two years to figure out that they have extra seating downstairs in their basement where their bakery is. You get to preview all their delicious pastries and breads on racks as they’re made. It’s pretty cool. They also have a fireplace downstairs, which is a lovely place to sit in the winter months. Their coffee is made to perfection & their tea is served loose in pots and is top notch too. You can’t go wrong at Mix.

Mix Coffee Shops in downtown Ashland

NW Raw The best raw juice & coffee bar in Ashland and it never disappoint. They have a growing menu filled with lots of healthy, raw options that are delicious & tasty too. Salads filled with healthy goodness and granola bowls to die for, this place is always packed for a reason. You really should try their alternative to dairy creamer, the raw cashew nut milk which is rich and creamy and is a wonderful addition to coffee. My favorite weekly treat, however, is their coconut tea! It’s made fresh with loose tea leaves. It is the best tea around and because of it’s sweetness, it’s not a substitute for English Breakfast, but it is a lovely treat!

Raw Juice Bar NW RAW

Of course if you’re staying at the Bayberry Inn, you will be able to enjoy our home-blended artisan coffee and large selection of organic tea by Two Leaves & a Bud, but you won’t be getting raw cashew nut butter I’m afraid!