Well things have been very busy over here at the Bayberry Inn this off season with the updates of the New Canterbury Room. While the Oregon Shakespeare Festival sleeps, I’ve been busy renovating the Inn to create our new Deluxe King Room. It has been a dream since I first bought the Inn to somehow connect the large bathroom to this room, as it was located down the hall and after reading our guest reviews, I decided this winter it was going to be my new project. It’s been a lot of work, but the carpets were pulled and where there used to be a large storage room off the closet, we were able to create a really nice large walk-in closet that connects to the newly updated bathroom! I’m so excited, the project is almost finished, the new carpets go in on Monday & the seamstress is working with me to sew some beautiful, heavy duty, sound proof, black-out curtains for the beautiful long window seating.

I’ve chosen a beautiful calming green for the room & bathroom colors. I’m adding a beautiful California King size bed & will keep the twin bed in the room as well. There will be a lovely, comfortable seating area for reading and I’ve already picked out the art that’s going in the room. The room will be decorated with beautiful antiques, such as a pair of Ancestral Portraits I bought in China that are over 200 years old & stunning. This is going to be my new favorite room in the house! After the carpets, new bathroom vanity, paint and furniture, I will be posting photos of the room.

It’s all very exciting & I hope you will all enjoy this new update! Thank you all for your patronage which has made this all possible and I look forward to a phenomenal season with you all.