What a fun night we all had at Paschal Winery last Wednesday night at their Cork ‘n’ Fork event. Each week, they feature a different musician to perform live & a restaurant who creates a simply delicious meal for $10 per person, what a deal! Paschal Winery is located in Talent, Oregon which is just 6 miles away from the Bayberry Inn Bed & Breakfast and Ashland. Last week’s event featured Pomodori Restaurant and we were very pleased with our delicious Pork Scaloppini Dinner that came with a salad. Our friend who is a member of Paschal Winery’s Wine Club was picking up her wines of which she generously shared with us so we got to taste 3 different reds which were all delicious; their wines never disappoint. Jen Ambrose played the guitar and sang while we drank and ate, which added to the whole ambiance of the event. We sat in the gallery watching the sunset over the vineyard, listening to great folk music and enjoying the wine. The event was pretty full so it’s recommended that you make reservations before heading over there.

I love the red wines at Pascal Winery. Their Merlot, Cabernet & most of all Tempernillo are amazing. Tempernillo was originally from Spain and is a very dark red grapes, often referred to as ‘black grapes’ which produces a full body red wine, which is my favorite. Although Paschal Winery’s viognier did win a Silver Medal this year at the World of Wine Competition in Ashland.  The WOW event is one of the best annual events in Ashland where our master chefs & vineyards get creative, give demonstrations and you get to taste all their creations. I definitely recommend visiting their winery on your next trip to Ashland! Taking a small break from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for a wine tasting is the perfect way to enjoy your stay in Ashland!group of friends drinking red wine out of crystal wine glasses celebrating