Finally I taught a Raw Chocolate Class at the Bayberry Inn B&B last week. It went very well and was a lot of fun. Raw organic cacao is actually extremely healthy for you, unlike most of the processed chocolates out there on the market. Filled with nutrients such as magnesium, and other essential minerals including potassium, copper, zinc, sulfur, iron & manganese. These raw chocolates are like little vitamin B Bombs, filled with B1, B2, B3, B5, B9 and even E vitamins and it’s an extremely powerful antioxidant. I eat them because they’re filled with protein and fiber as well and give me lots of energy for hours. Unlike the spikes and valleys I get when I eat regular store bought milk chocolate (there’s a time and a place for everything), I feel energized for hours after eating my raw chocolate.

It’s super easy to make, the key is keeping the temperature of the water below

I use my therapeutic grade essential oils in the raw chocolate to ad flavor. Some like peppermint, while I like lavender chocolate, but I also have been known to use coffee beans, cardamon & geranium; call me crazy. I also have a selection of raw nuts & seeds as well as Himalayan rock salt, yum. Something about adding salt to dark chocolate is heavenly. You can use whatever ‘healthy’ sweetener you like, such as Stevia or Agave, but I prefer to use Coconut Nectar as it seems to keep my glycemic levels low and doesn’t have the after taste that Stevia has.

The basic raw chocolate recipe I teach in this class is wonderful as it’s a base one can use in many recipes for other healthy deserts. The key is using only organic RAW ingredients.

Photos by Cornelius Matteo