Catching Rogue River Steelhead and trout out in Southern Oregon is a must! Caspian, my 10 year old son, is crazy about fishing. He’s almost as crazy as Josh is for the sport.  Loaded up with a cooler full of juice, beer, wine and cheese, I go along on their fishing trips armed with a good book knowing I could be out there for hours. I do it selfishly because, although I don’t like fishing, I love eating fresh fish. Josh grills up the fish right there with a good dose of sea salt and a very hot fire. In Colorado, we used to go to one of Josh’s favorite secrete fishing holes to catch Rainbow Trout, which required a very vigorous hike down an extremely steep hill off the side of a windy road, but here in Oregon, it’s much more civilized (or until he discovers a new secret fishing hole that is). Fishing for fish is a great Oregon sport, the Rogue River Steelhead are just waiting for you.

It’s Steelhead season in Southern Oregon. Steelhead and Rainbow Trout are the same species so I’ve just learned.  Steelhead can go to the sea and travel the rivers too, but Rainbow Trout are only freshwater fish.  Back in Colorado, I only really heard of fishing for trout, maybe that’s because we’re land locked there? Ya think? This is all new to me, but it’s been lots of fun! Now that off season is approaching, the timing is perfect for a fishing trip. It’s time to upgrade Caspian’s fishing rod from the old Batman rod from Target to a new big-boy rod as he’s sure to want to go out every chance he gets.

Grab your rods, let’s get some!