Sesame Asian Kitchen in Ashland, Oregon is the place to be if you like Kim Chi and all things fresh! Located in the heart of downtown Ashlands, set along the creek, is where you can find my favorite dish in Ashland, my comfort food, if you like, Sizzling Rice Bowl.  Sesame Asian Kitchen, makes it right; steamy crispy rice, baby bok choy, shitake mushrooms & delicious slices of beef. Best of all though is the extra bowl filled with the most AMAZING home-made Kimchi I’ve ever had. Topped with bean sprouts & coriander, the flavors just work.

Kimchi t’s not for everyone, I know, I had an adverse reaction to all the garlic the first time I had it back in Tokyo years ago. Having lived in Asia for almost 18 years, however, I grew fond of it and I’ve had my fair share of Kimchi and this is outstanding. So fresh and not overwrought with garlic, but just the right amount so that your spouse will not make you sleep in the other room! I love seeing the faces of most of our guests faces when I recommend this restaurant and dish, but I assure them it’s a gastronomical trip to heaven and surprisingly, I’ve converted many and no one has been disappointed Sesame Asian Kitchen. Not only is it one of the best deals in town considering all the food you get for one single dish, but their hand-crafted drinks with delicious names such as Boozy Shake or Honey Kiss make it hard to walk across the street to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival without skipping! However, the hardest part for me is having a cocktail then staying awake for any show! It’s disgraceful, but I can’t help it.

I’m a sucker for good Kimchi!