Southern Oregon has an assortment of phenomenal wines that can be found nowhere else in the world. Our region is ranked within the top 10 Global wine destinations, which is something we are extremely proud of. But what makes our wine country so great? That would have to be credited to our extraordinary climate, which gives us the option for growing over 70 different types of grapes. Our wine is defined by diversity!

The Southern Oregon Winery Association is a great resource to learn about the five different wine regions in Southern Oregon. Each region specializes in a different grape. Nestled in gorgeous mountainous countryside, you will pass small family owned farms, organic produce stands, and witness quite varying terrains depending on which part of the valley you happen to be visiting. The Applegate Valley, for example, has a gorgeous long winding road that runs next to a river. We always recommend stopping off at Red Lily Winery for a glass of their delicious Tempranillo with a cheese board down by the river on a warm summer day. It is the highlight of our guests wine tasting experience.

The Applegate, Umpqua, and the Rogue Valley regions.

Let us help you plan your day of wine tasting. Whether you want to take a guided tour with one of the many tour companies in Ashland or you want us to give you a list of our top 3 favorite local wineries, we’re here to help.