I had a fantastic time yesterday at the Southern Oregon Smoked Salmon Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon. Not only was their flyer outstanding, but the event was too!

Kids happily hula hooping down grassy knolls, listening to the Bands play great rock ‘n’ roll and folk music. The day was perfect for it, not to hot and not too cold.  The only difficulty was the long lines waiting to taste the smoke salmon and cast our votes. Number 2 was our favorite and it must have hit the spot for many people as it ran out before our second round. They had around 15 different types to try, so we didn’t starve. They also had a smoke how set up right on the hill at the Britt Festival grounds, which is a beautiful sight for events.

Apart from smoked salmon, they also had some very interesting other vendors. The fresh baked cookies were to die for and larger than most. My favorite booth was Little Sprouts Farm which had a delicious selection of home-made and home-grown organic selection of Kambucha and sprouted fermented produce, which they make right on their farms. The flavors were interesting but delicious and they assured me they have bazillions of good bacteria more than the store bought kinds. It’s a family run business and their gorgeous son was serving; he was a delight and I had a lengthy conversation with him as he tried to sign me up for their home-delivery foods. Who doesn’t want to eat healthy like that every day?

Rogue Valley Creamery w, a locals favorite, was also there. Sampling their Delicious selection of blue cheeses is an outrageous experience and I had one of my oh la la moments for sure!

Don’t miss the Southern Oregon Smoked Salmon Festival next year when you’re visiting Ashland!