Taste of Ashland is a fantastic event! Please join our Bayberry Inn team at this wonderful local event! This is one of my favorite events in Ashland! Coming from Aspen, Colorado where Food & Wine was one of the biggest events, our experience at a Taste of Ashland was fantastic! First of all, it’s affordable to all. A two day event where 17 different Art Galleries (yes, I was amazed at how many galleries our little town has) are the hosts. Each gallery has one restaurant & one winery presenting their best food and wine. Once you buy your pass at our little ticket booth downtown on the plaza, you are given a pass and a map of all the participants. From there, you walk around from gallery to gallery viewing all their beautiful art, trying nibblets from all the best restaurants in town and last but not least, try all the delicious award winning wines from the top vineyards in the Applegate & Rogue Valleys.

The best part about this event is that you get to meet a lot of the wine-makers, gallery & restaurant owners who are all there smiling from ear-to-ear happy to share their stories with you and let you taste what they’re making! I was amazed at the demonstration of blowing glass by Gathering Glass; their art work is beautiful and the process leaves one in awe! They design and blow some of the most beautiful pieces of art, their gallery is filled with all their artists work which you can buy, from wall art to jewelry. Touring the galleries when they’re filled with all their best works and watching our chefs create their delicious nibbles is a treat,  but enjoying it all with a beautiful glass of wine by one of our wonderful local vineyards makes it all the more fun!

an artist woman holding up her art work at A Taste of Ashland even in Ashland Oregon