This is the time of year to hit the Umpqua Hot Springs! Just 64 miles from Roseburg, Oregon and on the way to plenty, it’s a little difficult to find, but worth all the effort. The North Umpqua hot springs are carved on the side of a cliff overlooking the Umpqua River! If you hike down to the river, you’ll see the spectacular Toketee Falls. There are about 6 pools in total, ranging in size and water temperature. The main pool is covered by an arbor, giving it a Japanese Onsen (the Japanese version of a hot tub) ype feel to it. Four of the smaller pools can fit anywhere from one to 6 people in them. The pools closest to the main pipes where the water comes from the ground are the most hot and they cool the further you get from the water source. They’re anywhere from 2-8 feet deep and the water ranges up to 115 Fahrenheit, making it almost too hot to visit in the summertime.

Josh first took me there on our first visit to Oregon, when we decided to move here and make this our forever home! It’s such a beautiful diverse state and it only took two years and four visits before we discovered Ashland. It’s only an hour to the Oregon Coast, how perfect! What drew us here is the culture that Ashland has to offer. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Independant Film Festival, Mt.Ashland Ski Area, the Rogue & Applegate Valleys with over 70 vineyards drew us in and made it an easy decision to leave Aspen, Colorado. There are so many great people visiting Ashland from all over the world, bringing an international flair that not a lot of small towns I’ve been to seem to have. In my 20 years of living abroad (New Zealand, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore) I have seen a lot of great places and needed a place with lots of culture and Ashland has it down. Owning the Bayberry Inn Bed & Breakfast has been a dream job! We love Innkeeping and have met some wonderful people from all over. We had guests from England, Australia, New Zealand and China last season. The discussions around our table were wonderful; all of our guests are so educated and worldly! I had the pleasure of discussing an upcoming trip to China with one of my dear guests. It gave me the opportunity to dig up some old business cards from my years of travel to Beijing to share with her with a list of contacts to call on.

We are so lucky to have moved here and found this little slice of heaven! One trip to the Umpqua Hot Springs did it for me!