Yaki Soba is a weekly ritual at the Bayberry Inn! I’ve had an affinity, ok perhaps an obsession, with Japanese food ever since living in Japan! Strangely, I lived in Japan for 12 years, which is the longest time I’ve ever spent in one country!  The best part about Japanese cuisine is the simplicity of it; they generally only use a few ingredients and it’s always fresh. The Japanese have a high standard of freshness and all things perfect and beautiful. I recall seeing the most beautiful melons packaged to perfection selling for $400!

Our house is under construction and the garden is a field of mud, so the family moved into the Bayberry during the renovations and off season. The first night, I finally go to use the grill. Those of you who have visited the Bayberry Inn know that Josh loves that huge Wolf Range and I can’t get near it most of the time! Alas, I hogged it to whip  up a delicious Yaki Soba (stir fried noodles) and boy did it turn out great! I like to use the precooked noodles, so I soak them in hot, not boiling water, for a few minutes while I fry up the organic meat and veggies. It’s nice to chop up the veggies into small pieces; I hate trying to eat anything with chop sticks when you get a huge soggy bok choy slapping your chin. Sometimes the noodles come with a mix of dry sauce, but often the sauces have MSG (mono sodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer) which wreak havoc on my system and I spend the next 24 hours drinking gallons of water, so like to make my own sauce. The secrete is lots of fresh ginger & black pepper! When you’re done, top it off with some toasted sesame seeds for the WOW effect!

While the Yaki Soba is one of our favorite meals, I can honestly say there are days, mostly cold & rainy ones,  when I would chew off my own arm to have a huge bowl of steaming Tempura Soba! Did I mention I miss Japan?

Although I took a ton of photos of my cooking extravaganza, the excitement from finally getting my hand on grill made them all fuzzy, so thank you New York Times, our favorite newspaper, for your awesome cover photo. If you’re thinking, this girl has lost her mind, what the heck is she talking about, I’ve included a little video. It describes the basics, but I advise you to get ninja with your sauce (soy sauce, ginger, tons of garlic, sesame anything is a good start).

big black bowl of soba noodles in broth topped with pork, soft boiled egg, vegetables and greens