History of the Inn

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The Bayberry Inn Bed & Breakfast

About the Inn

The Bayberry Inn has a rich history that dates back to 1854 when the land on which it stands was first owned by a family of Ashland City founders called the Helmans. Over the years, the land was passed down to different Helman family members until it was finally purchased by George and Mary Trefren in 1903 for $450. They were the first to build on the site, and their grand home still stands to this day.

  George Trefren was a lawyer and an insurance agent for Ashland, and the property was sold to the Patterson and Pratt families over the next decade. However, George got it back in 1925 when the property tax lien of around $75 couldn’t be paid. The Leach family purchased the property in 1946 and renamed it “Myrtlewood Manor.” They had a wood shop in the basement and produced wooden goods for a small storefront on the front porch and also one in the plaza. The Leach family continued their business here until the 1980s. The father of the household used the 2000-square-foot basement as a wood workshop, while the gorgeous front porch was closed off using glass blocks to be a storefront from which the family sold his myrtle wood wears. I

   n 1991, Dr. Caldwell, a chiropractor with a practice next door, bought the building and converted it into Bayberry B&B for his wife. They spent a whole year updating and converting it into a 6-room, 7-bathroom B&B with a commercial kitchen. The building’s façade was also restored to a more historically accurate appearance. Harriet and her daughter bought the B&B and ran it for about ten years, operating a successful restaurant in the evening alongside the B&B. Today, the Bayberry Inn is a beautiful and historic place for visitors to stay and learn about its fascinating past.

In the early 2000s, an Irish couple named the O’Briens, who had three children and were from Dublin, bought the Bayberry Inn and ran it as a B&B for 11 years. They built their home at the back of the property and later sold the B&B portion to Francesca in 2014.

   Francesca spent six years renovating the Bayberry Inn and turning it into a modern boutique Inn. She decorated it with antiques from her time spent as an antique dealer in Asia before moving to Ashland to become an innkeeper. In 2021, she sold the Inn to the Manns.

   The current owners of the Inn are Billy and Jacqui Mann, who purchased it in the fall of 2021. Although they most recently lived in Southern California, Billy is originally from Oregon and Jacqui is from the Midwest. The Inn serves as their home and is the hub for some of their businesses.

  When Billy and Jacqui decided to pursue their dream of working in the hospitality industry, they chose Ashland Oregon as the perfect location. They acquired the beautiful Bayberry Inn Bed & Breakfast, which they plan to run as a beloved B&B and host their family gatherings on special occasions, including their eight children, their kids’ partners, and their grandchildren.

  As the previous owner once said, “This house chooses its owners,” and Billy and Jacqui found that to be true. With guidance, knowledge, and encouragement from the community, they vow to continue the Bayberry Inn’s fabulous, charming, and comforting history and reputation. They welcome guests from all over the world to this award-winning B&B and have added an Oregon Wellness Retreat to the historic location. This retreat center offers all-inclusive trips designed for personal and relationship nourishment.

   The couple is thrilled to be a part of the wonderful Ashland community and make it a point to source everything locally for their businesses. They aim to support local artisans, talents, and businesses, thus contributing to the growth and prosperity of the charming city of Ashland. During their first year at The Bayberry, they added one-of-a-kind artwork and sculptures, a gift shop, wellness products made in-house by BFF LLC, and upgrades and modern amenities throughout. They also offer room service and spa experiences. In addition to the improvements, they have retained the personal attention, historic beauty, and comfortable accommodations that the Inn’s loyal guests have come to know, love, and return to each year.

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