History of the Inn

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The Bayberry Inn Bed & Breakfast

About the Inn

The Bayberry Inn is a notable Ashland Landmark. First built in 1924 as a spacious single-family residence on a half-acre lot with 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The home has stunning views of the Bear Creek Valley, the Cascades mountains, and Mt. Ashland.
In the 1940s the home was sold to the Carter family who lovingly converted it into the Myrtle Wood Manor. The father of the household used the 2000 square foot basement as a wood workshop. The gorgeous front porch was closed off to be a storefront from which the family sold his myrtle wood wears. The family lived in the home and helped with the business.
It wasn’t until 1991 when Dr. Caldwell, a chiropractor with a practice next door, bought the building and converted it into a B&B for his wife. They spent a whole year updating and converting it into a 6 room, 7-bathroom B&B with a commercial kitchen.
In the mid-1990s, Harriet and her daughter bought the B&B and ran it for about 10 years. By day it was a working B&B, in the evening ran a very successful and well-visited restaurant. In the early 2000s, the O’brien’s, who were an Irish couple with three kids from Dublin, bought the Bayberry and ran it as just B&B for 11 years. They built their home in the back of the property and eventually divided the property into two separate lots and sold the B&B portion to the next owner Francesca in 2014, who spent 6 years converting the Bayberry Inn into a modern boutique Inn. While adorning it with antiques from her years spent as an antique dealer in Asia before moving to Ashland to become an Innkeeper.
Fall of 2021, the Inn was purchased by its current owners. Meet them here.