Oregon Shakespeare Festival Package

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Package

Save up to 75% Off Tickets With Our 2019 Special OSF Packages 

Here’s how it works:

  • All tickets cost $50 (for A+, A, B and C section and $75 for star * section seats)
  • Book your room at the Inn during Package Dates (see below)
  • Pick Your Plays (Click Here to View Shows)
  • Call Us on 541-488-1252
  • We will book your tickets & have them waiting for you when you arrive!

Restrictions & Things to Know

  • Blackout Dates: Friday & Saturday Nights all season long
  • Tickets Available Spring Session- March 3rd-June 6th & Fall Session September 3rd-October 27th
  • *New Summer Tickets now available Sun-Tues July 1st-Aug 31st for A+, A, B and C section and $75 for star * section seats. These tickets are not available in the Allen Elizabethan Theaters.
  • This Discount OSF Package is only available when booking directly through our website or by phone.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Can I pick my own seats? YES! Absolutely, you can either give us your seat selection or let us pick them for you, either way is fine.
  2. Do you have access to any seats we do not? NO, unfortunately we only have access to what you see. We can, however, try our best and keep checking back to get the best seats that come up.

*Please Call The Inn at 541-488-1252 To book your special OSF Package