Ashland Restaurants

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Our Favorite Ashland

Whether you’re craving freshly-made French baguette with a piping hot cup of freshly roasted coffee or a fantastic fine dining restaurant, for a small town, Ashland has a remarkable selection of extremely impressive and delicious places to choose from. Some restaurants have been here for decades while others come and go, but for the most part, we offer a huge variety. From spicy Indian or a more delicate French cuisine, there is something for everyone at every price. We, at the Bayberry Bed and Breakfast, are always updating our list of restaurants we recommend.  We personally visit every restaurant before making any recommendations and rely on our wonderful guests to give us feedback about their experience, therefore, the list below is the best of the best for this year.

Fine Dining

This is a top favorite and never ever disappoints. Must have reservations. Inside & outside patio dining, Fantastic service and exceptional food. Our guests favorite year after year.

Peerless  Restaurant & Bar
Located in the railroad district, Peerless is one of Ashland’s finest restaurants. If you are looking for great cocktails, a great local wine list and awesome food, this place is one of our top favorites. On a beautiful summer day, you’ll want to reserve a table outside in their charming back garden. Their appetizer menu is the best in town and they always use the most fresh ingredients. They have great vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options. You have to try their crab cakes.

One of the top fine dining restaurants in Ashland. They have a new bar that is wonderful and their bartender wins awards all over the Northwest for her Manhattans and Old Fashions! If you want to sit in the formal dining room, you must make reservations. If you want something casual, sit in the bar and you won’t go wrong if you order the bar menu steak and home-made fries that are to die for.

Coquina Restaurant
This place has never disappointed our guests. It’s in the railroad district and advisable to drive especially if you have a show to catch at OSF, but the food is outstanding. Simply delicious, more in line with nouvelle cuisine with ‘just enough’ portions. Their home-made burrata is a must have.

Beasy’s on the Creek
Located just two blocks from the Bayberry Inn B&B, this is a long time favorite. Great seafood options and plenty of meat! Wonderful creekside seating on their deck during the warmer months. Ask about their locals favorite called the ‘Closer,’ which is basically a fabulous surf ‘n’ turf special that’s not on the menu.

The latest kid on the block, this is our newest fine dining restaurant. A nice bar with separate bar menu. Inside dining surrounded by murals by local artist, outside patio as well. A wide ranging menu offering everything from steak to seafood.

Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine
Lark’s offers a large and diverse menu and their salads are to die for. Their food is like art, gorgeous and colorful. It’s recommended to make a reservation for dinner as it’s a stone’s throw from the theater and draws a busy dinner crowd from the hotel.

Definitely worthy of being on an episode of Chef’s Table, this amazing restaurant is in a very small & intimate setting in the heart of downtown Ashland. You must make a reservation in advance and choose between their two seating choices, which are Chef’s Counter serving a set menu chosen Josh Dworkin and Luke VanCampen, the owners and chefs. Anything can happen when choosing this menu but you’re sure to leave having had the most memorable meal of your life. The main dining room opens up to drop ins after 8:00 pm when you can choose from the menu provided. They serve a ‘Cascadian’ menu, meaning everything they serve was foraged, picked or grown within the Cascadian region (B.C., Washington, Oregon and Idaho).

New Sammy’s Cowboy Bistro
An old time favorite of locals and visitors, New Sammy’s Bistro is located in Talent, Oregon just 3 miles down from the Bayberry Inn. The owner and his wife make a great team. His speciality is the enormous wine list while she lovingly prepares the awesome food. While it’s American cuisine, they serve everything from steak to fresh catch of the day! It’s imperative to make a reservation since they have unusual hours of operations and fill up quickly.

Offering seasonal a seasonal menu that includes duck, sea urchin and mouth watering scallops, this small restaurant in the Railroad District has been a local’s favorite for many years. Fine dining at it’s best with white tablecloths and a fabulous wine list. It’s best to save this gem for a night you’re not rushing off to a show as the staff is impeccable but few & the atmosphere & menu are best enjoyed unhurriedly.

Casual Dining

Ostras Tapas & Bottleshop
This is the newest hot place in Ashland. The food is great, smallish portions, as expected with Tapas, so you need to order lots of little dishes. It’s fresh and delicious and has been a guest favorite this season. You can also buy local wines at great prices.

Xerxes Mediterranean Grill
Slightly off the beaten path, this wonderful Mediterranean Grill has the best Persian, Mediterranean and Middle Easter food around. Their Gyro’s, Falafel & Kebob’s are absolutely wonderful. By far my favorite is their aromatic rice dishes which they feature on their specials menu weekly. You can also shop for all sorts of wonderful products such as rose or mint water, cardamon tea, Persian rice & black cherry jam. You can eat there or take their food out, either way you’re in for a wonderful treat!

Pie & Vine
Pizza oven with perfect thin crusts, delicious healthy salads and delicious pasta at a great price right in downtown Ashland. They don’t take reservations so get there early if you have a show to go to. They have a nice selection of hand-crafted pizzas, delicious pastas and their salads are super yummy. Their outdoor seating is great, with a large fireplace and plenty of shade during the summer months.

Architecturally gorgeous, located on the second floor overlooking the Plaza, the Brickroom has a great easy to read menu. Wonderful cocktails to be had at their gorgeous bar, the food isn’t complicated but everything is delicious. Though it’s casual, it’s wise to make reservations on weekends, especially during high season.

Casual yet very sophisticated with a great bar. Good hardy food with a lot of steak dishes.

Hands out the best Chicago Style sandwiches you will get outside of the windy city! Located on the south side of Ashland about 3 miles from the Bayberry Inn so you have to drive there.

International Cuisine

Taj Indian
A locals favorite with the best lunch buffet in town! Dinner is more formal with everything from Butter Chicken to freshly baked naan bread from their Tandoori oven. Bayberry guests get a 10% discount.

Sesame Asian Kitchen
Easy to get a table, great outdoor creekside seating, wonderful cocktails and a large selection of Asian food. Mostly Chinese with some Korean and more.

Sakana Co.
Being the new bar Jefferson Spirits is this wonderful new Japanese Restaurant. In Japan it would be called an Izika-ya, meaning a bar that serves food. Traditionally, in Japan a Sushi Restaurant would never serve Tempura, for example, but an Izika-ya serves it all. This place is always busy and buzzing. The ceilings are high, making it filled with the buzz of a busy, exciting restaurant and the food is wonderful. Make a reservation, especially if you want to make it to the theatre in time for curtain call.

By far the best Chili Rellenos ever. Mezcal is a fantastic new restaurant with a lovely patio overlooking the plaza.. Their menu is fresh &  fantastic and they boast a large selection of tequila and cocktails. They spoil you with a wonderful complimentary chips and three dips that is memorable and pretty awesome when you sit down, which is a really nice touch.

Taqueria Picaro
Fantastically fresh Mexican food. Casual and self seating, but worth the effort. Great bar with extensive tequila list. Top of the list for Casual Mexican dining.

Japanese food in downtown just off the creek. Outside seating, formal dining room and bar seating. It’s fun to sit a the sushi bar and watch the sushi chefs make your dinner! They also have a large screen TV where you can watch sports games without crowds.

Masala Bistro & Bar
Masala has the best Butter Chicken from here to Delhi. It’s creamy and rich, made the traditional way using freshly ground cashew nuts. They serve most their dishes on large silver trays that have a bit of everything, including a salad, white or brown rice, chutney and curry. You don’t need a reservation for dinner and we love this place for a quick lunch, though it’s in the railroad district and not right on Main Street.

Pubs & Breweries

Standing Stone Brewery
Great selection of beer with two locations. One downtown,  just a few blocks from the theatre, and a larger location on the South side of town. Simple food, locally grown beef in their burgers and possibly the only Cob Salad in town.Their fried Brussels Sprouts have flipped the most ardent Brussels Sprout hater and their sweet potato fries with a delicious curry aioli keeps customers returning year after year.

Caldera Brewery
Not easy to get too as it’s located on the far end of the South side of Ashland, across I-5, but if you have a free evening, like beer and want to know where all the Ashland local’s hang out, Caldera is your place. On a warm evening it’s wonderful to sit outside and look at the Messa Pilot Rock. With 45 different available beers to taste, it’s a great place to hang out.

Bird & Rye

This new restaurant is a fantastic addition to Ashland. A great place for lunch as well as dinner where you can see music or sing karaoke weekly (call for info). Their menu is fantastic and affordable. Their fried chicken is the best in town. No reservations taken.

We are happy to make reservations for you, please ask the Innkeeper. We do our best to get you a great table at the most convenient time.