Hiking & Biking Meca

ashland oregon blue skies and grassy fields and mountain range

Ashland is a Hiking & Biking Meca for outdoor junkies. The jewel of Southern Oregon, Ashland is uniquely situated where the Cascades & Siskiyou Mountain ranges meet. It is not only beautiful, but also the perfect place for outdoor adventure such as skiing, trail running, hiking and/or mountain biking. Ashland offers everything from light one hour hikes to extremely steep climbs where you’re sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Described as ‘cheap, deep & steep,’ Mt. Ashland is a great ski mountain and offers a pretty incredible varied terrain but in the summertime, it’s a wonderland of hiking & biking trails. You can access the trails across the street from the Bayberry Inn Bed and Breakfast at the top of the hill within minutes. Please ask us for trail maps!

Hiking Trails

White Rabbit Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails in Ashland OregonWhite Rabbit Trail
Gorgeous easy to difficult trail. My favorite place to start this hike is from the top of Park Street on the South Side of town, as it offers spectacular views,(click for map)

Lithia Park
A gorgeous place to take an easy stroll, Lithia Park is the jewel of our town. Accessed from downtown Ashland, about 5 blocks from the Bayberry Bed and Breakfast you can take an easy stroll or a rigorous hike up into the mountains. (click for map)

Beautiful waterfall on White Rabbit Hiking Trail Ashland OregonHald Strawberry Park
Accessed from downtown but to avoid a steep climb to get to this park, drive up to the top of Grandview (from Church street).

Mike Uhtof Trail
Entrance can be accessed from the top of Park Street.

Oredson Todd Woods
Part of the White Rabbit & Mike Uhtof trails which can be accessed from the top of Park St.

Biking Trails

Bear Creek Greenway
A lovely place for long distance road bikes. You can access this trail less than a mile from the Bayberry Inn Bed and Breakfast on Oak Street. Don’t forget to take your tire fixing kit as there are not a lot of places to get help along the way.

Ashland Biking Trails
There are many rides from Ashland which can take you 3 to 30 miles and more.

Please be cautious when hiking and biking our trails for they can be quite extreme in spots and you will be in and out of cell phone reception. It’s best to take your phone, let someone you leave behind know where you’re planning on hiking and take plenty of water and snacks. Give someone your itinerary and agree on an estimated finish time at which time you will call them to let them know you have returned safely.