Ashland, Oregon

All-Inclusive Retreats

“O.W.R.” Time All-inclusive trips designed for relationship nourishment.

Facility and Location

Oregon Wellness Retreat by BFF is located in Southern Oregon.

Ashland, OR is known for having some of the best climate Oregon, it’s home of the World Famous OSF (Oregon Shakespeare Festival), and local to world-class whitewater rafting, a go-to destination for 100’s of thousands every year. Ashland was recently awarded the top 10 of  “Best Small Art Towns in America” and is a cultural hot spot embedded with galleries, wineries, and theaters. This location is also home of The Oregon Wellness Retreat and Find Your BFF!

The beautiful awarding Inn Bayberry Inn Bed and Breakfast will be your home for time with us. We are an All-Inclusive destination for couples who want more out of their relationship or just want to get away for a beautiful memorable trip. Your accommodations at “The B” include -beautiful comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, adorned with antiques, and the luxuries of today:  flat screen tv, Wi-Fi, luxury BFF toiletries, USB chargers, ceiling fans, central heat/air, and more. Your hosts that live on site. Free parking, EV charger available, and a 5 block walk to the historic sought-after Downtown Ashland Plaza

Ashland Oregon, Lithia Park in the Fall
Bayberry Inn Downtown Ashland Oregon

3-7 Night Packages

Oregon Wellness Retreat offers 3-to-7-night all-inclusive getaways. Everything from a romantic weekend to intensive workshop and connection building weeklong experiences. If you’re seeking a time of respite including “In Your Face” adventure, “Pamper Me” activities, if you want to be “wined and dined”, or you are looking for a full week connection-focused retreat….we’ve got you covered!


Bayberry Inn , winner of 100 Best Fan-Favorite Destinations in Oregon  and TripAdvisors Certificate of Excellence!


What’s Included:

Whether you join us for a adrenalin rush or relaxation weekend or a week long intensive workshop…the following is included in your “OWR Time Retreat:

* Transportation to and from MFR airport* Transportation to and from your scheduled activities *Accommodations in an awarding winning B&B with private bedroom/bathroom * Daily gourmet multi course breakfasts (prepared In-House by our private chef)* Botanical luxury toiletries and other goodies (Created by BFF) *24-hour coffee/Tea bar and refreshments *All meals *Date nights *Planned activities and events *And even your gratuity for each service person included in your itinerary. (Although showing your gratitude is always a welcomed gesture)

Each retreat offers diverse entertainment/relaxation/body work arrangements within your personal itinerary

Contact us to schedule your consultation prior to booking

6 + 15 =

Retreats MUST be booked through calling or emailing  us. You cannot “instant book” a retreat experience. Space is limited and our online calendar does not show availability for retreats.

Experience Retreats

“Relax Us”


Your “Relax Us” retreat package may include….Aromatherapy/Reflexology session, couples massage or facial sessions, soak in natural hot springs or Japanese inspired bath house, sleep in/ room service/ breakfast in bed, dinner cooked In-house by your private chef for the evening, sauna, steam rooms, romantic gourmet picnic at beautiful Lithia Park or inside our private garden. Evening of live music and dinner at a local winery, dining and a show at the famous Cabaret theater, chauffer service to shopping, hiking, biking of your choosing, and more. So, put your feet up. We will take care of it!

Offers for all Experience Retreats:
4 days/ 3 nights $4009-20%=$3341+tax
5 days/4 nights $4734-20%=$3945 +tax
6 days/ 5 nights $5458 -20%=$4549 +tax
7 days/ 6 nights $6183 -20%=$5153 +tax
The current 20% off offer, is to celebrate our start up launch at the new location (Dec.2021). Read FAQ’s for further information on the 20% off offer.Oregon Wellness Retreat Logo

“Excite Us”

Adrenalin Junkie or just want to have a new experience with your love…Either way Oregon Wellness Retreat and the never-ending beauty and diversity of Southern Oregon will keep you moving! Rouge River is known for some of the best white-water rafting. Zipline above the trees or go on an ATV adventure. Escape Room and unique experiences await. Biking, hiking, and rafting. Or Dining, art galleries, and live music. Would you like to explore Oregon Caves or ski Mt. Ashland? How about a 3 hour zipline and hike or a 9 hour day with ziplining, rafting, and vineyards? Maybe you can fit a day of rest in with a couples massage and Hot Springs soak. It’s up to you, its all included in the retreat we plan for you…Let’s Do This!


“Wine Us”


Southern Oregon is most known for its Pinot, Cab Franc, Tempranillo & Viognier. With 7 wineries in Ashland and many others within a few miles- we will find you just what your looking for.
Your “Wine Us” retreat package may include… An evening in our commercial grade kitchen with our private chef/confectioner: where you will learn, watch, and make decadent truffles or other chocolates with her. (While pairing wines, of course). Tours and wine tasting at some of the many local prominent wineries. Including behind the scenes private tours. Couples massage or facials, soak in natural hot springs or Japanese inspired bath house/sauna/steam room, room service/ breakfast in bed, romantic gourmet picnic at beautiful Lithia Park or inside our private garden. Evening of live music and dinner at a local winery, dining and a show at the famous Cabaret theater, chauffer service to shopping, hiking, biking of your choosing, and more. You will arrive to a bottle of local Red or White and 4 of our In-House truffles. And remember…we are your ride this weekend- so relax and enjoy!

“Dine Us”

Let’s face it FOOD is a joy we sometimes deprive ourselves of. This weekend let your taste buds lead. Ashland is full of amazing restaurants and chefs with expertise from all over the world. Including those passionate about buying local and farm to table style meals.
Besides eating at some of the most revered restaurants in the city, you will also have an evening in our commercial grade kitchen with our private chef! Creating a gourmet meal for the 2 of you to enjoy at our butcher block table (not usually accessed by guests). Diner and live theater. Diner and live music. Beautiful Charcuterie board assortments or romantic picnics for lighter lunches between the multi course gourmet breakfast served each morning and your “Experience style” diners in the evenings. According to your wishes we can throw some “nonfood related experiences” into your trip, as well. LOL


Connection / Relationship Building Retreats


The O.W.R. facilitates a safe, comfortable, and judgment free space for couples to equip their relationships with PROVEN tools and techniques. Offering 5 to 7 days ALL inclusive course packages. Each retreat designed for a specific life experience.

Yes. Every relationship is unique, as diverse as each individual on the planet. However, some come with hurdles that we feel not readily equipped for. A “slap of reality in the face” if you will…Oregon Wellness Retreat by BFF is implementing groundbreaking offers, in the way of Couples Retreats. Nowhere else in the country will you find this intensive curriculum partnered with a complete retreat experience. All you must do is show up willing and ready for enrichment!

You will work hard and play hard. You will spend the days with a small intimate peer group and the OWR/BFF Wellness coaches. Going through the intense curriculum we have designed for you. Special speakers will also make an appearance. Those trained in the fields for which they have a passion to help others. Therapists, body workers, those trained in Eastern medicine, Holistic practices, and more. (Part of your week will include sessions with many of these professionals. Don’t be scared it will be relaxing and fun) Everything from reflexology to acupuncture to massage and healing full body soaks.

You will have the evenings alone with your Love, experiencing individualized “Date Nights” that have been pre planned for you. Leaving you free to relax and enjoy discovering and reinvigorating connection on all levels, together.

Whatever your predominant style of learning is, we’ve got your back. Individuals retain information in many diverse ways. Including auditory, visual, kinesthetically, reading retention, and identically. We also differ by how our brains process the information and how we choose to implement it. Do you respond more to scientific data, to emotional pulls, using logic and elimination, or with trial and error? The development of O.W.R courses has been developed in such a way, that even new or unfamiliar information can “reach you” no matter what pathway your neurons prefer.

We feel it’s important to “meet” with potential clients prior to accepting them into the program (and visa versa). You should have the opportunity to “get a feel” for who we are, as well. Let’s make sure we are comfortable working together. Schedule a 10–15-minute dual sided interview, here.

Retreat spots are extremely limited as we keep the groups small and intimate. Assuring everyone gets ample space, time, and energy exchange. Every couple in your retreat will be there for the same curriculum as you. Everyone must sign the same confidentiality agreements and agree to support creating a safe and comfortable experience for all.  Who knows? You might make lifelong friends, here.

If we cannot accommodate you on a site, we will provide you transportation to and from another facility in town. There is a ramp that leads from front drive to the front deck. We have 2 rooms on the main floor and one has a 5” ledge step in shower (shower chair available upon request) instead of bath/shower combo.

All course sessions are held on site. Generally running from 9 am (with breakfast) until 4 pm. After a rest time you will be taken to your “couple’s experience date” throughout the evenings.

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